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  • What is included in a typical in-person party?
    Logistics - Glasses, pourers, corkscrew, aerator, pens, ice bucket, spitoon & yours truly! Educational Handouts - Tasting notes, tips for beginners, maps, tasting grid
  • How long in advance do I have to book?
    Booking at least a couple of weeks in advance is helpful to be able to procure the specific wines that are necessary for the party, write up tasting notes, etc.
  • What is the pricing for a party?
    There is a "consulting" fee for the hosting service that depends on the duration of the party. We will discuss the party themes and what wines to choose, which will then be purchased by the customer. The fee depends on the size of the party and whether it is online or in-person. Online parties are a bit more economical because there is less coordination, travel, etc.
  • If I want to do a wine pairing party, do I have to provide the food?"
    Not necessarily, but if I provide it, that would influence the total cost.
  • What is a good size for a party?
    10-12 for an in-person party is a manageable size, but it is really up to you. A bottle of wine will allow for about 16 typical ~1.5oz pours (give or take). If you have more than 14 people or so, you may need two bottles of each wine to ensure that each guest gets enough, not to mention, guests may want to revisit the wines that they like. Online parties can be as big as you like!
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