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Current Party 


Theme: Poppin' Bottles! Preggo Cravings & Wine Pairings


Date: Saturday, 11.21.20 at 3:00PM


Conference Link


How to prepare for the party:

1. Buy Wines:

I am going to cover 3 wines shown below.  I tried to keep the cost down, but these are still 3 quality producers.  The pre-tax cost for these three is $54.  Just click on the 3 links below, add to cart (you may want to create an account, but you shouldn't have to).  Shipping is $13 to ship anywhere in CA (for up to a case if you want to add more), and a few neighboring states or you can pick up from the store in Costa Mesa for free (they ship all over the US).  They should be able to deliver anything to you within a week (usually less), but please note when you need the wine by in the comments box on the order.  If you don't want all 3 wines or want to shop from your local store, it's your call.  If you can't find these wines, you can try to find the style (bolded headings below)  I know none of you are going out these days, so treat this as your night out!  Note, these are all red wines.



Pecchenino 2018 San Luigi Dolcetto - $15 


Indigenous Selections 2017 Nebbiolo d'Alba - $14

Rosso di Montalcino:

Lisini 2016 Rosso di Montalcino - $25  

2. Print Documents (they can take a minute to download):

Tasting​ Grid

Wine Descriptions

Systematic Approach to Tasting Wine


You can also access the documents after the class at my website:  The password is: "pinot"

3. Download App/Login to Zoom: If you're using a laptop, you should just be able to click the meeting link.  It works better if you download the software, but you should be able to just run in your browser if need be.  If you are using an iPad, download the Zoom app from the app store.



4. Show up on time:  The class starts at 7:30PM tomorrow, May, 9th and I think the class portion should run for an hour or so, but I'm willing to hang out and chat for as long as everyone wants.  It would be great if you could log in a few minutes early in case there are any technical issues, to chit chat, etc.



5. Grab some food: Old World (European) wines are always better with food, so keep that in mind.  Grab some charcuterie and cheese, nuts, olives, etc.



6. Decant the wines: You don't necessarily HAVE to decant the wines (if you can, please do), but it might help to open them at least 30 mins before.  If you are using a Coravin, it would be good to potentially pour them into a glass ahead of time to let them breathe.



7. Chill the wines: The wines will taste better if they are at least a few degrees cooler than room temperature (between 55-65 degrees, depending on your preference), so don't hesitate to stick them in a regular fridge for an hour beforehand if they weren't in a wine fridge already (it's gonna be hot this weekend!).  20+ minutes in the freezer is an option, too, if you're in a hurry!  



8. Get your glassware out:  Make sure the glasses you use are big enough that you can actually get your nose in there and smell the wines.



9. Don't forget the water!

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